Let me show you why your cat has a chance to beat their illness, even though they fight or refuse to take their medication or SQ fluids.

We've all been there:

You've just been to the vet, and that little bit of vomiting or weight loss has turned out to be an ongoing illness your cat has to battle. Or maybe your cat has quickly gone downhill, and within days their personality is just not the same. They are obviously sick and it hurts to see them just lying there. It can break your heart. 

Your vet has given you a set of pills or liquid medication that you somehow have to put in your cat’s mouth. Or maybe your cat needs subcutaneous (SQ) fluids in order to get better with his disease. They might have done a demonstration of how to give the treatment at the vet clinic, where it seemed to go OK.

Now it’s your job to give the tablet, capsule, liquid medication, injection or SQ fluids at home.

For some, it will go fine with a few clever tricks or when you disguise the taste of the medication. But for many, when you try to give your cat medications or SQ fluids at home, it’s a disaster! The pill is sticky and crumbling apart after your third attempt at trying to put it in your cat’s mouth. Half of the liquid medication is squirted onto your kitchen floor or bathroom walls when you try to aim it into your struggling cat’s mouth. With two people involved and few scratches later, finally you are able to get the pill in. But by mid week your cat is running away from you, which makes you feel awful.

What are you supposed to do, especially if your cat has a long term issue, and this medication is supposed to be given for life?

It’s frustrating and disheartening, because if they become increasingly sick, you feel like you are failing them.

You don’t want to lose them, yet with all this stress and struggling, you wonder exactly what you are supposed to do.

Apart from changing the flavor, trying an alternative type of medication, trying to restrain them or changing the size of the needle, the options that work for other cats seemingly do not work for yours. You can even be told that it’s better that they live a shorter life than struggle with daily medications.

But every cat that rejects medication has a fighting chance at beating their illness because there is a different way to guide them into accepting their medications or SQ fluids, or to provide life saving treatment.

Meet Zack.

Zack was a part of my life for 21 years. Zack and I shared a bachelors apartment with loud music when I was a student in my 20’s. Zack was there to greet me at the door as I began working many late nights as a vet in my 30’s. When I became a father, my kids learned all those special things about life when you live with a cat. Zack and I passed many milestones together.

So when Zack got sick, I knew that I would do whatever I could to keep him happy. I would treat his illness as long as he agreed to do so, to keep him as part of our family. I learned everything I could so I could give him his medications and keep him agreeable to the way I did it. For this reason, his numerous treatments for his arthritis, CKD (chronic kidney disease), pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, hyperthyroidism and ataxia were not only successful, but were also events that didn’t stop him from greeting us at the door, eating treats, sunbathing and doing all the things he loved best.

Several years ago, I showed the world how I successfully guided Zack through all his medications during one of his biggest battles with Ataxia (essentially the inability to walk):

My name is Dr. Kris Chandroo, and I’m a vet. I have spent decades dedicated to the study and promotion of animal welfare and behaviour, in an effort to serve the human-animal bond. I’ve met thousands of people over the years that are joined at the hip with their cat; their cat has become part of their family and identity. So it’s not surprising that in the face of an illness that could rob their cat of years of life, that the thought of letting their cat down is devastating for them. The thought of not knowing if there was something they could have done is crushing. I want to help.

Dr. Kris

Even with a laundry list of problems, Zack enjoyed his life, and he felt safe, loved and respected. Medicating him was not a torturous ordeal that we dreaded doing because we had found Zack’s essential requirements, and that is the way he would agree to and accept his medications at every step of the way.

I treat the illness of cats every single week. I see the stress and worry that people go through when their cats reject their best efforts. And I want you to have the same experience I had with Zack. An experience in which we can actually treat their illness with respect - and give them a fighting chance. I have created:

Stress to Success (STS): The essential guide to medicating your feisty, grumpy or reluctant cat. Regain control, make them less scared and re-establish the bond.

Instead of feeling stressed and lost when they fight your attempts to give them medication, or worrying that there might have been something you could have done differently, in STS you have a solid, strategic plan that tells you exactly what to do. Just by following the STS Roadmap, you will know how to successfully provide treatment to your cat.

STS is a video course that includes:

Why finding your cat’s Bermuda Triangle (the 3 mandatory components to successfully medicating any “difficult” cat) is the key to providing treatment to your cat.

How to use the Olfactory Kick Start to increase your chances of success when medicating your cat.

The STS Roadmap which allows you to customize the approach for your cat so you can successfully give medications, step-by-step.

The 4 reasons why your cat struggles with medications from their point of view, and how to put this knowledge into action for your cat.

The five minute crash course for sharpening your skills when giving a medication.

The 3 barriers that prevent people from achieving success with medicating their cats or treating their illness, and how to avoid them.

How to regain control, make them less scared and re-establish the bond by building your Feline Medication Toolkit.

Hone in on your cat’s 80% rule - the key success factor your cat needs you to perform before the pill, tablet or needle touches their body.

Why the Towel Touch Technique tells you how your cat wants to be handled during medicating.

Your curated techniques for handling cats to make them say "yes" to medication.

The STS method of giving tablets, capsules, liquid medications, injections and SQ fluids.

The Rescue Plan: What to do if your cat is a tactical survivor and nothing works (P.S. - these cats need an entirely different approach to giving them medical treatment).

And much more...There are 17 videos included in the course. The insights and techniques you will learn in these videos will ensure that you are doing everything possible to provide treatment to your cat, so they get the best chance at beating their illness.

Any ONE of these videos could reveal the reason why your cat is rejecting his medications and what to do about it. All while promoting less stress and giving you motivation during the medicating process. And this can be a life changing factor for you and your cat.

Now let’s talk about STS and your cat specifically:

Will I definitely be able to give my cat a pill, liquid, injection or SQ fluids after using STS?

Let’s be real. You can't force a cat to take medication but when you are armed with the right techniques, your cat can actually agree to let you do it. It’s absolutely possible. It’s just that no one has put together a step-by-step course to show you how you can achieve this at home.

Why? Simply put, it’s hard to do; one year and 500 miles is what it took for me to visit the homes of the many cats featured in these videos, to film their people using STS techniques to give tablets, liquid, injections and SQ fluids. All while working as a full time vet! The insights you will learn in these videos will ensure that you are doing everything possible to provide treatment to your cat.

In the videos, you will see feisty, growling, grumpy, timid, quiet or reluctant cats find their way to accepting medication by following the system in STS for the first time. People were pleasantly surprised when their feisty or timid cat actually accepted a medication without struggling!


Watch Ruby go from agitated, fearful and swatting to taking a tablet without struggling.


Quiver’s person could not give him a pill prior to using the STS techniques, and by following the STS Roadmap, he was able to comfortably accept his pill.


Watch Zorra go from trying to bite and scratch to accepting a bad tasting liquid medication in one session.


See how the STS system reveals the techniques that Guelah needed to accept SQ fluids.

Ms. Kitty

Watch what techniques Ms. Kitty needed in the Rescue Plan in order to treat her illness.


Instead of running away or struggling during an injection, see how Chai actually becomes attracted to and affectionately seeks out the needle that poked her!

STS does not just show you easy going cats when things go perfect. STS is about your reality.

  • How do we get a timid cat hiding under the bed ready to willfully accept a medication?
  • How do we get a swatting, hissing cat that is bolting away from you and get them attracted to the idea of taking a tablet or injection?
  • It also shows you what happens if a cat does not accept a treatment and exactly what to do about it.

When you are working in partnership with your cat, so much more is possible. STS will reveal the potential for your cat to accept medications.

Yes, but will it work for my cat?

STS is a step by step course that is personalized for your cat. Cats are distinct individuals that REQUIRE a customized approach. This is why trying random tactics or techniques that work for other cats might not work for yours.

In STS, you follow the Roadmap and watch the videos, and based on your cat’s responses, you will flow through the STS Roadmap to find out how you can successfully treat your own cat.

It’s amazing what our cats can agree to do when we start using the right techniques on them. And at the end of the day, you will know that you are doing everything possible to provide them with their treatments.

My cat fights too hard, runs away from me and has already rejected his medications - will this work?

Every cat that fights you and rejects their medication is clearly communicating with you. We can listen to them and change our approach. This is what you must do if you want to give your cat a chance at accepting his medication. If you can get medication in them, you give them their best shot at fighting their disease.

In STS, you will learn what your cat’s specific objections to the medication process are, and what to do to solve them. They have the ability to change their mind about receiving medication.

Most importantly, I also identify which cats are Tactical Survivors, so we can give them the respect AND treatment they deserve by following along with the Rescue Plan. Knowing if your cat is a Tactical Survivor can give you relief - you know you are not missing something you could have done.

Can I find the information in this course for free on Google?

Short answer, no. STS is the world’s first course dedicated specifically to achieving medication success at home, so we can regain control over the situation and protect the bond we have with our cats. It’s not filled with vague advice or random tips you can find on Google. STS is not filled with boring, technical vet videos that require you to be an expert to understand.

It’s a very specific, in depth, step by step system designed to show you how to increase your success with medicating your cat. It will motivate you during the process of treating your cat's illness. From the towel touch technique, olfactory kick start, finding your cat’s Bermuda Triangle, to the Rescue Plan, you should know EXACTLY what will and won’t work for your cat.

Do I need special experience, equipment or skills to do this?

STS shows cats in their own homes following the system. You don’t need to be an expert; you just need to follow the steps shown to you in the videos. For those who need help with the absolute basics, the 5 minute crash course for sharpening your skills has you covered. Any products used or demonstrated within STS are readily available at pet stores, your local vet clinic, or online.

I don't have time to follow a system to medicate my cat.

The time you take upfront to learn what your cat requires to give him medications will save you hours of time later when you would have been struggling with your cat. I have made the course as streamlined as humanly possible, while keeping it entertaining, motivating and relevant to your cat’s success.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to medicating your cat, but the smarter ways of approaching medications will eventually save you time. Following the STS Roadmap reduces the chances of you following dead end treatment options. The course is very actionable. It’s 3-4 hours of content that you could watch in one weekend.

I've tried everything already, and my cat still rejects his medications. 

80% of the success when giving a medication happens before it ever touches your cat.

This goes for SQ fluids and injections as well. Most medication advice you get covers the other 20% (i.e. just change the flavor of medication, put it into a treat, change the size of the needle). Those tactics are certainly important, but if not put together in a systematic approach that takes into account what your cat’s likes or dislikes are, then it rarely works for our feisty, grumpy or reluctant individuals. STS will show you exactly what to do before you try again with your cat’s medication.

Are you just going to tell me what my vet already told me to do?

STS is the only systematic, in depth video course designed to reveal your cat's potential for accepting medications, and then accomplishing that goal all in your own home. When I prescribe medication for the cats I see in clinic, I would love to show their people the best way to maximize their cat’s acceptance of it.

In reality, there is not enough time in the appointment to go over everything they need to know in order to do so. And even if I can squeeze in some of that advice, it’s all words and not in a visual form that they can review over again to make sure they get it right. In the veterinary world, once we have tried 1 to 3 alternatives for that pill or liquid that your cat rejected, options often dry up.

Will my vet agree with what I am doing?

In STS, we are not changing the type of drugs or therapy you are using for your cat. That’s up to you, your cat and your vet. STS shows you how to greatly improve your success in getting your cat to take the medication your vet has prescribed. It will also safeguard your cat’s health by introducing alternatives to ask your vet for if your cat is a Tactical Survivor who rejects everything. This is all accomplished using science based techniques designed to increase comfort and safety for your cat.

Can I do this if I am treating my cat by myself?

Yes. Most of what I show in STS involves one person giving their cat medications. If two people are shown, I indicate where a single person would be sufficient to do the same technique. Some techniques are easier with two people, but one is enough for most.

This course isn't for everyone.

I want everyone to succeed with their cat, but STS is not for you if:

    • You are looking for a magic bullet (cats don’t have them), without wanting to put in the effort it takes to achieve success for your cat.
    • If you believe that you can force a cat to do something they don’t want to do, and won’t consider science based alternatives to medicate them.
    • If you are looking for a 5 minute video, with a top 10 list of tricks to medicate your cat within the next 30 minutes with no real changes to what you are doing. While I do show many cats who learn to accept their medication in 15 minutes or less, I'm much more involved in the process and the unique needs of each individual cat. This is where the success is found. It will take you time to watch the videos, obtain a minimum amount of supplies, and follow along step-by-step with the STS Roadmap. How long it takes really depends on your cat. Once you know your cat’s method as shown in STS, you can then medicate them quickly and efficiently for the rest of their life.
Who STS is for:

People who want the best possible results for their cat, and are willing to put in the work to get it.

People who do not want to see their cat struggle but want to succeed in giving treatment at the same time.

If you want to ensure that you are doing everything possible to provide treatment, and you don’t want to leave any stone unturned.

If you have seen my previous videos and they have been helpful for you, you will get a lot out of STS. Even if your cat does not have an illness, this course is simply entertaining and interesting, and will give you essential knowledge to protect your cat’s health if illness strikes.

I want to see your cat do great, and there are options that can give lifelong changes for your cat.

There are several animal behaviour textbooks, manuals and journals that you can purchase, digest, combine and then adapt to your cat (my favourite book cost $135). The information is generalized; so much of the advice isn't focused on your cat's problem with medications. I have sorted out all of this for you in STS.

You can always take your cat to the vet clinic for additional consultation with personalized advice for each roadblock you might encounter (a single recheck fee is about $60). Cats frequently behave differently at home than in the vet clinic, so the advice will often be good if your vet is focused and experienced on this specific issue, but putting things into action at home can be a different story.

You can find a behavioural consultant to assist you at home as well ($100 - $325 just for the first session), although very few specialize specifically in achieving medication goals for your cat.

Within minutes you can get access to the first course dedicated to giving your cat a fighting chance.

Stress To Success is only $47.

This is my first time launching this course, and I’ve kept the price far lower than the cost of an average vet visit for a sick cat ($400 - $800).

I have done this so that as many people as possible can put these techniques to work for their cats' sake. It was important to us that we gave Zack all the chances we could. That way, no matter what happened at the end of the day, we knew we had respected our bond with him. There would be nothing to regret, and we were free from anxiety wondering if there was anything we could have done differently. I want the same for you. 

When I add the next update to this course, the cost will go up to support all the work that goes into providing nothing but the best for our cats.


I stand by STS and give you a 30 day money-back guarantee. I guarantee that by taking this course, you will have a step-by-step system that reduces uncertainty and doubt and will increase your chance of success when giving medications. You will learn what you need to know in order to give your cat their best chance at accepting their treatment. You can squash those feelings of helplessness by identifying what type of treatment plan your cat needs, and you will know what to do if something does not work. If you don’t find value in this course, I will refund your money.

I can’t guarantee that you can give your cat a pill, liquid or injectable treatment with 100% certainty; I'd be suspicious of anyone who could promise that. Remember, you can’t force a cat to do anything he or she does not wish. However, it is not necessary to force a cat into treatment in order to have success with them.

It was important to us that we gave Zack all the chances we could. That way, no matter what happened at the end of the day, we knew we had respected our bond with him. There would be nothing to regret, and we would be free from anxiety wondering if there was anything we could have done differently.

STS is an entertaining, heartfelt and motivating course that can be the foundation of practical treatment advice right now, and over their entire life. When you purchase STS, you will get 17 HD videos (almost 4 hours) along with the STS-Roadmap. By following the STS Roadmap, from the Towel Touch Technique, Olfactory Kick Start, finding your cat’s Bermuda Triangle, to the Rescue Plan, you should know EXACTLY what to do to provide treatment to your cat. If you are stressed out or feeling lost with giving medication or SQ fluids with your cat right now, and you are looking for a way to turn things around, you can get started within minutes.